About ABIGO Medical

ABIGO Medical AB is a Swedish pharmaceutical company that owns, develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products and medical devices.

The main medical device applications are advanced wound care, ear, nose and throat (ENT), and nutrition. The company was founded in 1989 by the current owners, brothers Jan. G. Smith and Leif Smith, both of whom are still actively involved in ABIGO.

This translates into flexibility, short lines of communication, and excellent prospects of positive, long-term expansion. An active research and development program in selected fields creates exciting growth opportunities and has led to a number of international patents and patent applications. Unique, patented proprietary products, with international potential in niche areas, are integral to ABIGO’s business philosophy.

Antibiotic resistance is a global problem that has been complicated by the development of multi-resistant bacteria. In some cases, doctors are faced with a medical dilemma where there is no effective treatment for them to prescribe. These situations require new and different ways of managing infections and their effects – a core element in ABIGO’s research programs.

Our R&D includes unique solutions to utilize knowledge of natural processes and physical interactions without the need for chemical substances or surgical intervention. The aim is to be a leading international player in this specialist field.

The company adopts an international approach with distribution of products in more than 60 countries through its own sales organizations and partners.

ABIGO’s Danish subsidiary, ABIGO Pharma A/S, successfully markets ABIGO’s products in Denmark, along with a wide range of other self-care products, both own-brand and products sold under license. ABIGO Pharma’s products are also exported to a number of other countries.

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